21 fun, educational websites for students when they’re out of school

Summer Learning

The summer gapes before us, threatening to sweat out all the learning that students did during the school year. Luckily, fun, educational websites abound online for kids to keep their brains in gear. But how to track down the best summer learning websites? Social media to the rescue! I put out the question to my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn networks and grinned with happiness as the answers poured in from around the globe.

Fun, educational websites for kids over the summer:

  1. DoWriteCampaign.com — A global literary magazine started by a 15-year-old girl who goes to high school in Massachusetts (Suggested by teacher Sara Krakauer)
  2. ixl.com — A math skills review website that lets students answer 20 practice questions each day for free (Suggested by Jodi Kadish Kerble)
  3. Visual.ly — Encourage kids to look at an infographic a day (Suggested by Darren Burris)
  4. Gws.ala.org  Great Websites for Kids, curated by the American Library Association (Suggested by Willona Sloan)
  5. WatchKnowLearn.org — Educational videos on a wide variety of learning topics (Suggested by Leathiuos Odysseus)
  6. MusicTheory.net — Fun music lessons (Suggested by Spencer Lloyd)
  7. Kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids — National Geographic for Kids (Suggested by Jaclyn Marie)
  8. BoomWriter.com — Kids compete to write subsequent chapters of storybooks. There is a free wing and paid wing of this site. (Suggested by Ken Haynes)
  9. Toondoo.com — Create comic books online (Suggested by Lora Kelly)
  10. Conjuguemos.com — Language learning activities (Suggested by Lora Kelly)
  11. Quizlet.com and Quia.com — Create quizzes to help study (Suggested by Lora Kelly)
  12. Flocabulary.com — Great way for middle and high school students to keep up with current events using weekly rap music videos. It requires a subscription, but it’s pretty easy to get free trial subscriptions.  (Suggested by Christina Salter)
  13. FreeRice.com — Vocabulary practice for a good cause. (Suggested by David Marshall)
  14. EnglishClubPro.com — A new site with English language tutorials. (Suggested by Akmal Akbarov)
  15. BrainPop.com — Great animated games to keep your brain in shape! They offer a selection of free games here. Other material requires a subscription. (Suggested by Ted Chambers)
  16. Minecraft — This game is incredibly creative, and it involves strategic thinking, math, physics, etc. Play the demo for free, or purchase the game for $26.95. (Suggested by Jessie Voigts)
  17. Wizard101 — Go on a quest to save Wizard City, and practice math, strategy, teamwork, reading, following directions, world history and more at the same time (Suggested by Jessie Voigts)
  18. KhanAcademy — Learn just about anything for free using the KhanAcademy’s bank of exercises and videos (Suggested by Jessie Voigts)
  19. YouTube Channel, Crash Course — Get a crash course in history and science with these fun and interesting videos  (Suggested by Jessie Voigts)
  20. NGA.gov — Play games and learn about art and history on the National Gallery of Art website (Suggested by Jessie Voigts)
  21. Fun Family Learning An excellent, huge list of online educational resources (Suggested by Linda Clinton)

What would YOU add to this list?


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