About Us

Mass Literacy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting literacy education throughout Massachusetts. From children to adults, Mass Literacy works to achieve a fully literate population by empowering strong families, passionate teachers and a literate workforce.

Mass Literacy, formerly the Massachusetts Literacy Foundation, was created in 2002 to help Massachusetts achieve a fully literate population. We partner with public and private organizations to achieve these goals:

  • Recognize and reward leadership and excellence in the field of literacy
  • Empower strong families and a literate workforce
  • Educate the public about literacy through coordinated media outreach
  • Encourage collaboration and partnerships that strengthen literacy

We support literacy in three key ways:

  1. Funding — Since 2003, we have provided grants to more than 80 organizations that help adults, children and families improve their literacy skills through our Mass Literacy Champions awards program. From giving babies their first books, to starting English classes for adults, the programs we fund make a direct impact in the lives of people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. Advocacy — People who are unable to read and write need strong advocates. That’s where Mass Literacy comes in. Through a coordinated media outreach program, we give critical literacy issues the visibility they deserve and help reach important stakeholders.
  3. Education — Through our website MassLiteracy.org, we connect educators, parents, families and volunteers with the literacy resources they need to improve their lives through education. We also offer free trainings and workshops at our headquarters to educators who work in the field of literacy.

Help support literacy education.
As an independent nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of donors to fulfill our mission. Click here to support Mass Literacy.