Explore the library with a scavenger hunt

Library scavenger hunt

Get to know your local library, and have fun doing it, with a library scavenger hunt. This activity helps kids and parents discover new books to enjoy reading together. Try it as a parent-child pair, or in teams competing against each other.

Find a book…

  1. with an animal that is green (can be fiction or non-fiction)
  2. with magic in it
  3. about someone who lived at least 100 years ago
  4. with just pictures and no words
  5. about friendship
  6. that shows you how to make delicious food
  7. about life in another country
  8. that you can listen to
  9. that is written in another language (even if you can’t read it)
  10. that is a folktale
  11. about how plants grow
  12. about colors
  13. with the alphabet
  14. with numbers
  15. about a sport or outdoor activity
  16. with a plane, train or automobile (can be fiction or non-fiction)
  17. that rhymes
  18. about the state you live in (or one you’d like to visit)
  19. that another family member loved when they were a kid
  20. with a cover that catches your eye

Linda Cappabianca is the senior children’s librarian at the Peabody Institute Library in Peabody, Mass.