Four HiSET prep materials every instructor should have

HiSet Prep Materials

As a high school equivalency instructor, I spend a lot of time searching for materials to prepare my students for the HiSET. After Massachusetts made the change from the GED to the HiSET last year, educators had a lot of new ground to cover – especially since the HiSET is more complex than the GED. Now in 2015 we are more prepared, and our students can be too with the appropriate tools. Here are my recommendations for preparation materials to help students get ready for the HiSET.

Four must-have HiSET prep materials:

Learning Express 3.0:  Learning Express 3.0. is a great free resource. It has reasonable assessment, diagnostic, and preparation materials for students with internet access who want to do additional work. Students can work individually or in groups using this online tool and can take free computer based practice tests with or without a countdown clock. The only way I’ve found to access it is through a public library website. In my experience, no library card is required to access the software. (Check with your local library for availability.)

Steck Vaughn GED Prep Materials (for the 2002 GED):  I found the Steck Vaughn GED prep materials still covered the content areas of the HiSET well. I supplemented them with New Reader’s Press ScoreBoost booklets targeting HiSET-type questions (though not officially endorsed by ETS.)

Math Assessment Program:  While looking for more advanced material for math, I found the Math Assessment Program, a collaboration between the University of California, Berkeley and the Shell Center team at the University of Nottingham, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This website contains a wealth of lesson plans and shorter tasks for grades 6 through high school.  There is also a professional development section where you’ll find modules to help you focus on helping your students develop a deeper understanding of mathematics as well as the critical thinking skills they will need as HiSET increases in complexity.

Official Guide to the HiSET Exam:  The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is releasing the Official Guide to the HiSET Exam in March. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon. The paperback book is expected to be about 700 pages, and it does have a lesser priced electronic version available.  Amazon’s description says it includes real HiSET Exam questions, descriptions and explanations of every test section, official scoring information, HiSET Exam-style exercises and strategies. It is the only official HiSET Exam guide authorized by ETS. Since Amazon does not yet show a table of contents, I have no information on what the book will actually contain. That said, when the publisher of the test is involved in the book, the questions and exercises should be very close to the real questions the students will experience on test day.

What HiSET resources do you use? Leave a comment below.