Infuse literacy with movement during National Physical Fitness & Sports month

abcfit May is National Physical Fitness & Sports month. Did you know that moving our bodies effects how we learn, especially how we learn literacy skills?

As founder of Wellness, Inc. and developer of Alphabet Fitness for Kids, I am a strong believer in optimizing movement-linked education for children. Kids need to play and move to learn well. But generations of stationary, audio-visual fine motor education have imbalanced the healthy growth of children’s brains and bodies.

To counter this trend and to encourage more active learning styles, I designed Alphabet Fitness® as a way to infuse a more playful, health-focused alphabet learning and fitness paradigm into the field of Early Alphabet Education. Alphabet Fitness establishes early language skills through fun physical activities and team learning. Using fun fitness fonts as a guide, children move their bodies to learn the alphabet and then move together to form words.

Letter A w body partsAs a President’s Challenge Advocate, the Director of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition gave me the task of encouraging young children to be mentally and physically fit by using various tools and activities that incorporate the Alphabet. So I made Alphabet Fitness accessible for training kids of all language backgrounds in early literacy and fitness skills.

You can now access free Alphabet Fitness tools, curricula and downloads that uniquely link fitness and literacy during the learning of the ABCs on

This Physical Fitness & Sports month, try these free tools to infuse learning with movement:

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Karen Voght is founder of Wellness, Inc, developer of Alphabet Fitness for Kids, President’s Challenge Advocate since 2006 and a 2011 Mass Literacy Champion.