Free Online Course: Teaching Adults to Read

Register today for a free series of five online self-paced courses titled Teaching Adults to Read. The courses are based on a workshop on the four components of reading developed by adult basic education and literacy experts Dr. John R. Kruidenier, Susan McShane and Dr. Rosalind Davidson.

Topics include:

  • Teaching Adults to Read: Alphabetics
  • Teaching Adults to Read: Fluency
  • Teaching Adults to Read: Vocabulary
  • Teaching Adults to Read: Comprehension
  • Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles

Each course provides participants with background information, informative readings and resources, hands-on activities and multimedia examples of recommended assessment and instructional strategies. Participants will explore the components of reading and research-based strategies for assessing and teaching both native and nonnative English-speaking adults how to read. Each self-paced course can be completed in 2-4 hours, and participants will receive a certificate upon completion. Register here to get started. 


  1. Thomas minton

    I would like to get some information about this

  2. Iris Barton

    I am an adult ELL teacher. I have students from all over the world – some are able to speak English; some are able to read simple words; some understand simple English. However, many need to learn from scratch. I welcome any/all suggestions. Thank you!

  3. Brenda Palmer

    I am a retired teacher now Pastor. I have a man age 50 who can not read. I would like to help and begin a program to help others. I have my doctorate degree in Philosophy and I have a Masters degree in Special Ed. I live in Mass.