Raising a Reader MA Monthly Volunteer Night

Each month Raising a Reader MA hosts a volunteer night where volunteers will help with everything from crafts, to organization help, to data entry. Their Boston office is located at 9B Hamilton Place. Come for the whole time or just a portion. Refreshments and snacks will be served. You have the opportunity to come just once, or come every month to this fun night!

This volunteer should be excited to support RAR to fulfill their mission of helping to close the achievement gap in Greater Boston communities. He or she will boost his or her resume and have the opportunity to learn new database systems, meet like-minded people, create arts & crafts for children and families in the community and support teachers and leaders in early childhood education! These volunteers will also be expanding their knowledge about the non-profit community in Boston by donating their time once a month.

Contact Sage Narbonne, Outreach Coordinator at  617-292-2665 or Sage@raisingareaderma.org for event dates.

Contact Number: (617) 292-2665