Service Learning with The REAL Program

If you are looking for meaningful service learning opportunities in the Lynn, MA area, please get involved with The REAL Program. You’ll have the chance to mentor young children who need people to help them with homework, read and create plays with them, and play literacy-based board games. Contact Jan at The REAL Program today via email jan@therealprogram.org.

About The REAL Program:
The #REAL Program provides support for children and their families. Sometimes that means we provide #REAL food for family dinners; sometimes it means we take them on a field trip to an area college campus and treat them like they are incoming freshmen; sometimes it just means listening to a child or a mom. Dedicated and caring adults provide guidance to moms, dads, grandparents who may be learning English or who may be taking a college course for the first time. These are all #REAL examples of how we help.

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Contact Number: (781) 993-4425