2006 Literacy Champions

Marilyn Antonucci

Instructional Leader Specialist at Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, MA

Marilyn Antonucci’s extensive teaching background and research in family literacy, coupled with staff workshops and her sound approach, are key links to the success of the… »

Diana Barbero

Literacy Teacher at Suffolk County House of Correction, Boston MA

For the past 15 years Diana Barbero has helped adult incarcerated males improve upon their reading levels and parenting skills. Diana exemplifies a literacy champion through… »

Margaret Boyko

Executive Director of Top Floor Learning Inc., Palmer, MA

Margaret Boyko’s business acumen and natural leadership abilities, combined with her passion for literacy, have led to the development of a model adult literacy education program… »

Char Caver

Adult Education Teacher at Project Hope, Roxbury, MA

A respected advocate for adult education, Char Caver connects education with the ability to positively impact family, community and society. Understanding the correlation between self-esteem and… »

Donna Cycz

Elementary Grade 4 Teacher at Newton School, Greenfield, MA

A veteran classroom teacher, Donna Cycz uses her experience and knowledge to bring exciting and innovative learning opportunities to the students and parents in the Greenfield… »

Silja Kallenbach

Director New England Literacy Resource Center World Education, Boston

At the New England Literacy Resource Center, Silja oversees professional development for adult educators through interactive workshops, courses and publications related to adult learning. Silja has… »

Judy Langley

Technology Coordinator at Literacy Program of Greater Plymouth, Plymouth, MA

Armed with degrees in applied mathematics and chemical engineering, Judy Langley has demonstrated how a literacy technology center can be successfully integrated with an existing adult… »

Christine Polk

Workplace Education Instructor and Trainer for Literacy Volunteers of America

Christine Polk is an independent consultant, recognized for her leadership skills in the field of adult and workforce literacy, and for her innovative interactive methods to improve how… »

Peggy Rambach

Author and Creative Writing Teacher at the Suffolk County House of Correction, Boston, MA

Peggy Rambach is an author and community educator who runs writing workshops in health care and elder care facilities, social service centers and correctional facilities. She… »

Sonia Walmsley

ESOL Teacher at The Literacy Center, Attleboro, MA

As an immigrant, ever-learning ESOL student and teacher of ESOL, Sonia Walmsley is a stand-out educator. She encourages her adult students at The Literacy Center in Attleboro to… »