2009 Literacy Champions

Candace Lee Cross

Children’s Librarian at Wheeler Memorial Library, Orange, MA

To many of the 7,800 people living in Orange, Massachusetts, the lively, vibrant children’s room at the Wheeler Memorial Library is, simply, “Candy’s Room.” But Candace… »

Marsha Gaudette

Director of Adult Literacy Programs a tTop Floor Learning Inc., Palmer, MA

Top Floor Learning, Inc. is located in Palmer, Massachusetts, which Marsha Gaudette describes fondly as a “small little town.” But it is towns like these that… »

Kathleen Hughes

Curriculum Director at Little Sprouts Inc., Lawrence, MA

“I have the pleasure,” says Kathleen Hughes, “of working with three to five year olds daily, and my goal is to have all of them ready… »

Chris Kane

Director of Family Zen in South Boston, MA

When Chris Kane gave up her corporate career to run a family literacy program in South Boston, where she was born and raised, she brought more… »

Kathleen Klose

ESOL Instructor & Program Coordinator at The Immigrant Learning Center, Malden, MA

The mission of The Immigrant Learning Center in Malden is “giving the gift of language.” But Kathleen Klose, a teacher at the school for over a… »

Megan Lambert

Instructor at The Center for the Study of Children’s Literature, Simmons College

Megan Lambert’s story should be told in pictures. During her tenure as Instructor of Children’s Literature Programs at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art… »

Kathleen Pastore

Principal at Heritage Elementary School, Charlton, MA

Although many people believe in the idea of lifelong learning, few of them turn theory into practice like Kathleen Pastore. Constantly seeking out professional development opportunities… »

Linda Saris

Director of Salem Cyberspace, Salem, MA

Described as a “stickler for outcomes,” and dedicated to innovation, Linda Saris is a master of supporting, nurturing, and mentoring her staff as well as her… »

Marietta Sbraccia

Early Childhood Teacher/Staff Developer, Cambridge Public Schools

Over the course of 22 years, Marietta Sbraccia has worked side by side with over 500 child care, preschool and kindergarten teachers, helping them to improve… »

Sidney Storey

EL/Civics Teacher at SCALE in Somerville

How do you do the hard work of civic involvement in a democracy? If you’re Sidney Storey, you write your own responsive, participatory curriculum that “engages… »