2003-2004 Literacy Champions

Barbara Lindsay

Elementary Literacy Specialist and Coordinator for Westwood Public Schools, Westwood, MA

Barbara Lindsay is the Elementary Literacy Coordinator for Westwood Public Schools. As a teacher she works with at-risk first and second grade students, bringing them the joys of reading. At the district level, she provides leadership to the Elementary Literacy Program by developing standards, providing resources and collaborating through workshops with classroom teachers. 
Barbara is first a teacher, employing her skills as a Literacy Specialist to start first and second grade students on the road to reading and writing. Students who demonstrate the greatest difficulty in becoming readers are referred to her. Using all the tools of her trade, including delightful books, colorful charts, word games and assessments, students take tenuous steps into literacy and end with giant leaps and great enthusiasm. Though proud of their enormous gains as readers and writers, students love Barbara and the work they do with her so much that they don’t want to graduate from her program.