2005 Literacy Champions

Dina Maldonado

Coordinator of Family Literacy at the Crittenton Hasting House, Boston, MA

Dina Maldonado is the Family Literacy Coordinator for the Crittenton Hasting House in Boston. In her role as program coordinator, Dina works with mothers who have two and three year old children and are either homeless, living in Crittenton’s transitional housing program or have just established permanent housing. Dina works with the children using reading activities and toys to promote word recognition. She often links toys to stories to create connections between reading and real life. A unique aspect of Dina’s program is incorporating parents into these activities by having them read every other page or ask their child questions. This interaction helps parents move into the role of reading to and verbally engaging their children. Dina also uses field trips to promote verbal interaction at home and during community activities like trips to the library or museum.