2014 Literacy Champions

Jan Plourde

Founder and director of the REAL Program, Lynn, MA

Jan Plourde, M. Ed. is a 2014 Mass Literacy Champion and founded The REAL Program in 2013 with the mission to improve literacy. Jan is an award-winning educator, nonprofit leader and businesswoman. She works with children, families and students in many capacities. Jan’s passion to help children and teachers spans over 35 years from First Friends Daycare and The Learning Tree Store to The REAL Program and Developmental Teaching, LLC where she offers teacher plan books and TAPCIN, an online lesson planning software.

Teaching and learning are the common threads throughout Jan’s entire career; a notion which she shares generously with her students at North Shore Community College and Salem State University. Jan’s sense of community is evident in her tireless work to help others as founder of the Play it Forward Giving Circle and The REAL Program, a newly formed 501c3, whose mission is to improve literacy.

Jan believes in the premise that people really do want to help each other and that technology is a way to strengthen community. Jan blogs, tweets and photo documents this work that can be found at www.tapcin.com; www.therealprogram.org, and www.developmentalteaching.com.

Jan is the mother of one grown son.

Current Projects

Jan recently launched TAPCIN, an online lesson planning software. She is also developing the REAL Mobile, a van which will offer books on-the-go to the Lynn community.