2003-2004 Literacy Champions

Janet Kelly

Program Director at Read/ Write/ Now, Springfield, MA

Janet Kelly has worked in the field of adult literacy since 1984, inspired by her early experience as a Literacy Volunteer in New York City. She is the program director at Read/ Write/ Now which is based in the Springfield, MA Library system. The program is effective in great part due to the involvement of students in making decisions about their own learning. Energizing additions to the program include action research projects with a focus on topics of interest to participants (i.e. community health issues, the impact of violence on learning). Read/ Write/ Now publishes and celebrates adult learners’ writings on a regular basis; one student author, Nina Yates, has had her moving autobiography published with Peppercorn Press. Janet’s efforts to address the literacy challenges in her community were recognized nationally in 1998 with a highly coveted Lila Wallace Readers Digest Fund award.