2009 Literacy Champions

Kathleen Klose

ESOL Instructor & Program Coordinator at The Immigrant Learning Center, Malden, MA

The mission of The Immigrant Learning Center in Malden is “giving the gift of language.” But Kathleen Klose, a teacher at the school for over a decade, gives her students so much more than that. Through her innovative English language programs, many of which rely on performance, theater, and improvisation, she reaches out to adult learners of all levels. A playwright herself, Klose helps students create performances that are gifts of understanding from the students to the community, “presenting to the public an inside view of the hardworking lives of immigrants.” “Kathleen is my first teacher in life,” says one of her students. “My life is so much better now…I thank her for believing in me, helping me learn English and making my dreams come true.” Those are the gifts that keep on giving.

To contact Kathleen Klose, view her Professional Profile in the Mass Literacy Professionals Directory.