2009 Literacy Champions

Sidney Storey

EL/Civics Teacher at SCALE in Somerville

How do you do the hard work of civic involvement in a democracy? If you’re Sidney Storey, you write your own responsive, participatory curriculum that “engages adult ESL students in the progress of their community.” Over the last 6 years, Storey’s students at SCALE in Somerville, who post a higher than average retention rates in their classes, have made presentations to state senators; collected coats for the homeless; created a multi-lingual video on access to healthcare; and advocated for curriculum changes at their own school. By choosing what matters to them, and learning how to take action, these students are changing not only themselves but also the systems and communities around them. “Sidney Storey is a model,” says a colleague, “not just for teachers in Massachusetts, but for teachers all over the country.”