Literacy Champions

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Jean Canosa-Albano

Manager of Youth and Outreach Services at Springfield Public Library

As Manager of Youth and Outreach Services for the Springfield City Library system, Jean Canosa-Albano’s model work with teens and partnership with local public schools has… »

Char Caver

Adult Education Teacher at Project Hope, Roxbury, MA

A respected advocate for adult education, Char Caver connects education with the ability to positively impact family, community and society. Understanding the correlation between self-esteem and… »

Rafi Charput

ESOL Volunteer Teacher, ACCCESS Program at Cape Cod Community College, Hyannis, MA

“Giving back to society was my major incentive in being involved in English education as a second language. In my lifetime I have experienced the same… »

Laurie Collins

Author, children’s librarian at Ipswich Public Library, Ipswich, MA

Laurie Collins is a 2014 Mass Literacy Champion and the author of The Pajamas of My Dreams, an inspiring children’s book about children going to sleep and dreaming… »

Sherry Comerchero

Developer and Coordinator at the Merrimack Valley Jewish Coalition for Literacy, Haverhill, MA

Sherry Comerchero is a recently retired Haverhill Public Schools Speech-Language Pathologist. Through her work in the school system and as a long time community volunteer, she… »

Candace Lee Cross

Children’s Librarian at Wheeler Memorial Library, Orange, MA

To many of the 7,800 people living in Orange, Massachusetts, the lively, vibrant children’s room at the Wheeler Memorial Library is, simply, “Candy’s Room.” But Candace… »

Meghan McGinley Crowe

Early Childhood Executive Director of Education & Development, Little Sprouts Inc., Statewide

“Make it Happen. I love to theorize and conceptualize new ideas and approaches, but they all mean very little unless something is produced. This also applies… »

Donna Cycz

Elementary Grade 4 Teacher at Newton School, Greenfield, MA

A veteran classroom teacher, Donna Cycz uses her experience and knowledge to bring exciting and innovative learning opportunities to the students and parents in the Greenfield… »