Literacy Champions

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Dina Maldonado

Coordinator of Family Literacy at the Crittenton Hasting House, Boston, MA

Dina Maldonado is the Family Literacy Coordinator for the Crittenton Hasting House in Boston. In her role as program coordinator, Dina works with mothers who have… »

Wendy Manninen

Director of Le Petit Chorale, Manchester, MA

Wendy is a retired North Shore kindergarten teacher whose work with music and sign language as a means to teach language skills to young students makes… »

Maureen Manning

Director of Family and Community Engagement, Wareham, MA

Maureen Manning is a 2014 Mass Literacy Champion and community advocate for literacy. As the Director of Family and Community Engagement in Wareham, MA, she runs… »

Lillie Marshall

English & Humanities Teacher/Global Education Blogger, Boston Latin Academy, Boston Public Schools

“The beliefs that guide my daily practice are that education is awesome and it’s also triumphantly fun. Teaching is the best job in the world… and… »

Nusean Mayfield

Parent Facilitator/Parent Center Coordinator, Elias Brooking Museum Magnet School and Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, MA

“There is a perceived notion that parents of students in inner city schools don’t care about their children’s education. The parents who are a part of… »

David Mazor

Executive Director, Reader to Reader, Inc., Statewide and National

The founder of nonprofit literacy organization Reader to Reader, David Mazor, has been widely recognized for his devotion to literacy. He has received the Celebrate Literacy… »

Kristen McKenna

Project Director at Advantage Program Attleboro ABE, Bristol Community College

Kristen McKenna’s innovative work with adult basic education learners at Bristol Community College is designed to immerse students in the college culture, make them feel a part… »

Karen Miller

GED and Career Instructor, The Literacy Center, Bristol Community College, Attleboro

“As an advocate of lifelong learning, I believe that education is the key to a brighter future and a better life. I strive to make learning… »