Summer reading: A new recipe for fun (part 2)

summer reading

Looking for new ideas to incorporate reading into your children’s summer vacation? This recipe for a summer filled with reading gives you a batch of fun activities you have to try! (Follow this link to read part one of the recipe.)


1. Combine 3 cups of summer with 2 cups of reading.

2. Add 4 to 5 new authors and a few teaspoons of old favorites.

3. Set aside a batch of audio books for those rainy days and long car drives.

4. Stir slowly and blend in 10 minutes of reading aloud every night.

5. Sprinkle with homemade books from digital or traditional photos.

6. Savor the new ways that reading can be fun in the summer.

Stir slowly and blend in 20 minutes of reading aloud every night

When we read to our pre-school age children, we teach them that you read English print from left to right, that letters have names and are distinct from numbers and pictures. It turns out that children have an easier time learning to read when they arrive at school with this kind of basic book and print knowledge. Furthermore, when we read to our children, and then talk together about what was read, we are fostering important thinking, problem-solving, and vocabulary skills.

School-age children, including proficient readers, like to be read to as well.Books that tap their interests and heighten their curiosity make perfect selections for reading aloud.  Remember, reading aloud to children gives them opportunities to practice listening and paying attention, important skills to sharpen during the summer months.

Older children, especially those who struggle with reading in school, also enjoy being read to. For these children, summer is a perfect time for parents to do the lion’s share of reading aloud so that reluctant readers get to experience the joy of books and great literature. Whatever our child’s age or reading ability, the ritual of reading aloud every night not only deepens our relationships, it carves out a clear message that reading is an important family value.

Sprinkle with homemade books made out of digital or traditional photos

Online photos, photos from digital cameras, or photos from cell phones can be printed with the click of a button. You can take these prints paste the pictures on paper to create personal storybooks. This is especially fun for kids on summer vacation because the books can preserve the memories of their experience long after the summer ends. Designing home-made books by adding words and sentences to photographs taps children’s creativity, empowers budding young writers, and creates a personal memento.

Finally, savor the new ways that reading can be fun in the summer!

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Jean Fahey

Jean Ciborowski Fahey, PhD is a 2014 Mass Literacy Champion. She is the author of Make Time for Reading: A Story Guide for Parents of Babies and Young Children. Learn more about Jean here.