Summer Smart Reading Challenge helps Lynn children become readers

Summer Smart Reading Challenge \

Something different is going on at The REAL Program in Lynn, Mass. The nonprofit helps improve children’s literacy skills by providing kids with books, homework assistance, healthy food and enrichment opportunities. Their director Jan Plourde is committed to using innovative practices to help kids in need – which is why they adopted the Summer Smart Reading Challenge.

The entire program of 40 children is actively reading and participating in the challenge. And implementation has been easy. To log each child’s reading, summer teaching interns just scan the barcodes of books using the free Readocity app.

Jan is now able to track student reading metrics that she didn’t have access to before. She can see how much reading time her students have logged each day, she understands which books kids are gravitating towards and she receives award-winning book recommendations.

All of this information helps The REAL Program come full circle. They take the children to the library and use the reading data to help kids check out books that will inspire them to read even more.

Parents and summer programs can sign up for the Summer Smart Reading Challenge here.