Three reasons to learn how to use social media for your organization

Social Media Keyboard

Many people in “helping careers” such as the nonprofit or education sector shy away from social media.

“I don’t see the point!” some say.

“Sites like Twitter and Facebook are too fraught with danger,” say others.

“Doesn’t all that take too much time?” you might chime in.

Unfortunately, in writing off social media, you miss massive opportunities to further your organization’s mission. As a teacher and global education blogger, I have become thrilled with the ways in which social media can help. If it weren’t for social media skills, I wouldn’t be getting nearly 1,000 readers to visit my global education websites every day, nor would I have a fraction of the contacts and opportunities that I’ve found in the past five years of passionate online networking.

Do any of the following boons sound enticing, especially if they can be done safely and with minimal time investment?

  1. Amplification. Using tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you can take your organization’s news, ideas, and writing to a vast new audience. Not only does this increased positive exposure help you, but it also assists those who learn of your good work and innovations.
  2. Connection. I’ve met some of my most valuable professional connections through Twitter, many of whom I now interact with in person. Using the best parts of social media, connect with key influencers, thought partners, and potential supporters.
  3. Learning. It is astonishing how much you can learn from the power of “crowdsourcing”– harnessing the power of millions of brains around the world to answer a question or solve a problem. What quandaries at your organization could people around the world help you solve?

To teach these almost magical social media skills, I am delighted to be leading four workshops this summer entitled “Mass Literacy Technology Workshop Series: How to use technology and social media tools to achieve your professional goals.

Follow the links below to learn more about the first two sessions and register:

July 11– Intro to Twitter and Facebook for Good
July 22– Leveraging Social Media for your Organization

I give huge thanks to the people who taught me precious social media skills, and I look forward to helping others learn their potential!